HR Services 06-09-21

Grants monitor

Dear relation,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your cooperation in the past calendar year. Despite the annual hustle and bustle of December, there are two important issues that we are very happy to bring to your attention:

  • Grants Monitor
  • Indexation as of 2022

Grants Monitor

We are also going to connect your organization to a smart solution in the area of employee subsidies as of 2022. With this service, we will ensure that you never have to miss a grant again.

We will work with smart software that is at work 24 hours a day to monitor subsidy opportunities and payroll benefits for you. We have already linked this software to our payroll systems and from 2022 you will have access to your own environment with your own personnel data and your own dashboards.

Software and full support for only 1 euro! 

Since the subsidy schemes in the Netherlands are complex and often involve a lot of work, we also offer another smart solution: a complete worry-free solution.

You can also choose to have us take care of everything concerning subsidies and wage cost benefits for 1 euro per employee per month. In other words, we follow up on any signals, apply for the subsidies, keep your file up to date, take care of communication with the UWV and your employee(s), and make sure that you receive 100% of the payment of the subsidies. We call this the full service model.

As a regular payroll customer, this service only costs you 1 euro per employee per month extra. We do not charge success fees or hourly rates, we only charge a fixed amount of 1 euro.

Make your choice before December 15

Although we think that the full service model is the most sensible model for most companies, we do ask you to make a choice between the self-service model and the full service model. We cannot make a subsidy monitor available without your choice.

Please take a few minutes to watch a short video (https://subadvies.nl/crowe-eng/) about this. This video clearly explain the importance of grants, how the grant software works and the convenience of the full service model.

Making your choice is also easy: you fill in a limited amount of data and Crowe takes care of the rest. We would like to hear what your choice has become.

Indexation 2022

It is now known what the rate increase for 2022 will be. The rates for payroll processing and HR software will be indexed at 3.0%.


Should you have any questions or if you want more information, please contact your advisor.

040 264 96 10 Vestigingen