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COST/OFII Forum on U. S. State and Local Taxes for European Companies

Presented by the Council on State Taxation (COST) and the Organization for International Investment (OFII)

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This one-day conference on U.S. State and Local Taxes for European companies will feature lectures from leading practitioners with dedicated knowledge in this area to help attendees recognize the tax requirements and risks of doing business or expanding into the U.S. market. Differences between the U.S. and European tax systems will be covered and attendees will be able to distinguish threshold issues such as nexus and jurisdiction.

Representatives from Crowe will be among the presenters, providing attendees with a basic knowledge of the state and local tax regimes of the U.S. States that should be considered by anyone who plans to, or is already, operating in the States. In addition, this forum will cover developments in the states as a result of last year’s U.S. Federal tax legislation that has impacted state taxation of businesses and will continue to impact it in the future.

Arm yourself with the U.S. tax knowledge you need to better serve your company.

Continental breakfast, lunch, and an evening reception are included.

Presented by: Council on State Taxation (COST) and the Organization for International Investment (OFII)

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08:30 uur Start Forum Session
08:45 uur Overview of U.S. Taxes – Federal, State Income, Sales and Other State Taxes/ Comparison to European Tax Systems and Their Impact on the Competitiveness of European Companies
10:15 uur U.S. Federal Tax Reform and What It Means for the States
11:15 uur State Sales and Use Taxes – No … they are not VATs
12:15 uur Lunch & Networking
13:15 uur State Taxes – Constitutional Limitations on the State’s Jurisdiction to Tax Businesses and Certain Types of Business Income
14:10 uur State Income Taxes – Methods of Reporting/Filing Tax Returns
15:20 uur State Income Taxes – Understanding the Concepts of Apportionment and Sourcing
16:15 uur Ask The Experts
16:30 uur Reception & Networking


Crowe Foederer Amsterdam
Paasheuvelweg 16
1105 BH Amsterdam
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