2 factor authentication

payroll software


Securing your files and privacy sensitive information is becoming increasingly important. The increase in cybercrime ensures that the demand for containing security risks is growing. We would like to help you protect your data and that of your employees in the best possible way.

Cybercrime can lead to disruption of general business processes, extortion or even identity fraud. With 2 factor authentication, you add an extra layer of security with a code that is only available to you. This makes it more difficult for malicious parties to access your data, even if they have obtained your username and password.


Crowe Foederer has chosen to apply 2 factor authentication to its payroll software application. To help you with the installation and application of such a 2 factor authentication, you can download a manual on this page that fits your payroll software application.

Instruction manual – Loket Instruction manual –  Nmbrs


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