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Do you want to digitize your international HR processes and bring them together in one environment for both HR and your employees? With Daywize Cloud we offer a broad e-HRM solution. All personnel matters come together in Daywize Cloud in one environment. Daywize Cloud has a wide range of specialist functionalities. Whether it concerns leave and absenteeism management, recruitment, talent development, personnel administration or the HR cycle. The management of a Dutch or international payroll also runs smoothly via Daywize Cloud. With a digital HR environment you also lay the foundation for a data-driven HR policy.

Smart Analytics Portal

Do you want to generate more insight into the HR data within your organization? With the Smart Analytics Portal, the data of your workforce becomes visually transparent. The Smart Analytics Portal gives you insight into the data of various HR processes, helping you to implement a strategically data-driven HR policy. The Smart Analytics Portal can be connected directly to customers who work with Daywize Cloud.

The portal gives you insight into absenteeism data, data relating to entering and leaving employment, various key figures about your workforce and insight into expiring contracts. Do you have multiple entities? No problem. With the portal, a workforce can be compared on organizational units, location, departments, positions, gender and age. The portal is interactive and adapts directly to your filters. This allows you to perform in-depth analyzes in your data.

What makes the Smart Analytics Portal unique?

  • You can generate and analyze interactive overviews
  • It is possible to create different benchmarks
  • The portal can be linked to Daywize Cloud within 24 hours.
  • All information is available in a Cloud environment
  • You obtain predictive data with an eye to the future.

The Smart Analytics Portal gives you insight into control data, in order to set and monitor concrete goals.

Want to know more about our Smart Analytics solutions? We are happy to give a demo to show you the possibilities.

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