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A new dimension

When employees are working cross border, this will bring a new dimension to the potential employer’s and employee’s obligations and compliance requirements. This is not only linked to various types of legislations regarding employment law, tax, social security and pension, but also relates to the employer’s duty of care. Obviously, in most cases business comes first and HR, payroll and/or global mobility professionals will have to make sure that the employers’ and employees’ position is optimized and that all (compliance) risks and opportunities are covered. The international Crowe network has worldwide coverage and 34,000 Crowe colleagues in more than 135 countries can and will assist you based on your specific needs.


At Crowe Foederer we always say “Smart Solutions, Lasting Value”. Being smart means that the right information is available, correctly understood and transformed and incorporated into practical processes with clients, which is the added and lasting value. This all should be done in a timely manner based on proven best practices within the market. At Crowe Foederer we do not only have the knowledge that is needed for this, but also the required sense to think from a client’s perspective and incorporate that within our service delivery and technology tools offered. Our advisory and compliance services cover all aspects of employer’s and employee’s requirements in any cross border employment situation, as the below (not limited) list of examples of these services demonstrates:

  • Tax and social security calculations and advice;
  • (International) payroll services;
  • Annual individual Income Tax Return services;
  • A1 Certificates /Certificate of Coverage requests (applicable social security legislation);
  • Requests 30%-ruling (for expats);
  • Dutch employment agreements
  • Posted Workers registration;
  • Assistance with regard to (inter)national pension schemes;
  • Optimizing (inter)national remuneration policy/package;
  • Immigration services (visa and permits);
  • Relocation and management.

The above aspects are all specialisms on its own. At Crowe Foederer and together with our Crowe Global network we are able to assist clients with each of these individual services separately or within a combined approach offering the required set of services fully integrated and our specialists working together as a team. Our services are using and partly based on technology specifically created on behalf of Crowe clients. For instance Track my Trip and integrating various global mobility services and products into our payroll and HR technology solutions offer great reporting and management tools for HR or Global Mobility managers/directors helping to identify risks and opportunities within the global mobile workforce of a company.

We will be pleased to discuss your global mobility needs and to provide you with our fee quotes with regard to (part of) our global mobility assistance.

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