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31 maart 2020

Update: Coronavirus HR Services (ENG)

UPDATE ‘Impact of coronavirus on employers’: Payroll Taxes, Global Mobility and Pensions

Over the past few days, we have assisted many employers with HR issues related to coronavirus (COVID-19). What is the situation with the Temporary Emergency Measure for the Preservation of Jobs (Noodmaatregel Overbrugging Werkgelegenheid, NOW)? What are the tax issues with regard to working from home? What are my options to reduce my expenses or postpone taxes? What is the situation with pension accrual during reduced working hours? What effect will coronavirus have on my Global Mobility policy? In this update, we provide you with an overview of issues relating to the topics of payroll taxes, global mobility, and pensions.

Topics we cover:

Payroll Taxes

Directors-major shareholders

Global Mobility

  • social security coverage
  • changes in taxation
  • Coverage via international travel insurances

Start or end date of secondment

Belgium measures


  • Making a payment arrangement
  • Notification of inability to pay
  • Payment reservation in the pension agreement

Medical examinations

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